Ojai Through the Dragon’s Eyes

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The magic of California’s Ojai Valley is legendary. But what makes Ojai a truly rare jewel is not readily seen, though in plain sight and wrapped all around the community. As a 20 year veteran of environmental acupuncture and a Xuan Kong Feng Shui specialist, I jumped into what I thought to be a quick look-see into Ojai’s energetic geography. Instead I found myself looking square through the eyes of Ojai’s very own Dragon.

Born and bred in the basin, Ojai’s Dragon is not a fictitious “Puff the Magic” or “Desolation of Smaug” mythical type beastie. The valley’s Dragon is an actual, moving geometaphysical force of nature.

The practice of humans using Earth’s magical terrain for personal benefit goes back beyond recorded time. Historically, every successful ancient civilization appears to have used some method of tapping into Earth’s subtle, electromagnetic field for personal benefit.
Three of the most powerful methods have been:

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 6.21.35 PM1.) Ley Lines: Linear energy channels of Earth’s geomagnetic field.
Electromagnetically charged, Ley lines are often situated above Earth’s fault fractures, bones, cavernous locales and water, both above ground and deep below. Historically Leys were used to site the most important buildings and sacred places when establishing a community.

2.) World Grid: A symmetrical pattern along which Earth’s most powerful energy meridians are organized. Sacred in geometry, the grid pattern connects points on Earth where great seismic, atmospheric and magnetic stresses are generated. Historically many World Grid points house Earth’s most profound locales such as the Giza and Xian Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Easter Islands and the Bermuda and Devil’s Triangles. Reportedly World Grid intersections also house military, telecommunication, particle accelerator and nuclear facilities. Nikola Tesla, Buckminster Fuller and Christopher Bird were among the many to bring a universal World Grid map to completion.

Chris Bird / Governors State Univ Division of Intercultural Studies, Univ Park, Il. 60466

3.) Xuan Kong Feng Shui: Geological sister school to the science of body acupuncture. Xuan Kong Feng Shui was created to locate the best place and time for important burials and imperial buildings. Using Earth’s magnetic points, Xuan Kong identifies and facilitates the release of earth’s supreme life force energy called Qi or Chi Historically, Feng Shui was exclusive to the Chinese Emperors, ensuring their unequaled power. Eventually imperial Feng Shui was encoded while bogus methods were leaked to enemies and the general public. Unauthorized use of the Emperor’s Feng Shui met with grisly capital punishment extended throughout the family line.

Big Dragon and the Enchanted Entourage:
It is within these imperial Feng Shui codes we learn of natural landforms that create powerful, transcendent energy for very special locales. The codes are very specific about the creature’s shape but do not strictly conform to what we might imagine the creature should look like using exact biological truth – these creatures are indicative of energy and reflect otherworldly elevations . This knowledge of transcendent land forms has been ingeniously encoded over 5,000 years within ancient calligraphy, fractal / binary artwork and esoteric poetry about mystical creatures offering extraordinary energy. Here we meet the shapes of Ojai’s big Dragon and his enchanted entourage – the 4 Divine Celestial Animals. These creatures and their powers are actually coded information about mountains that release magnificent Qi.

5,300 yr old Neolithic grave with Dragon and Tiger – Alison Gunn Ph.D. Beyondthestarsastrology.com

A Rare Feng Shui Jewel: Ojai’s big Dragon Mountain generates long term influence on the community. The nearby smaller 4 Divine Animal Mountains generate immediate influences. “Heaven is brought to Earth” when a big Dragon is vibrant and the 4 Divine Animals are properly shaped and occur in the proper direction within a community. When a unique geological formation such as this has formed a rare Feng Shui jewel has been found.  The Qi released into the community is tremendous and the area is said to be able to produce great and powerful people. Remarkably, Ojai meets the criteria to be hailed as a rare Feng Shui jewel.

Google Compass image of Ojai, California region

Ojai’s Big Transverse Dragon:  According to the classics, big Dragon is a large, continuous mountain range bounded by water and supports beautiful flora and fauna. It is serpentine in quality with many gentle undulations, folds, valleys and hills. Ojai’s big Dragon encircles the entire valley.

The tip of Ojai’s Dragon’s tail is visible at Point Conception in Santa Barbara County. Native Chumash know the Point as “Humqaq” – the Western Gate and where the Raven comes. This point is where souls may pass between the mortal world and a heavenly paradise.

Emerging from the Point, big Dragon undulates along California’s coastal transverse mountain range; her spine curving easterly along the Santa Ynez mountains. Gently wrapped around the valley, big Dragon holds east Ojai especially close to her heart, then makes a U-turn westerly, stretching back towards the Ventura headlands where she lays her face to earth. Ojai’s deep restless geophysical forces continue to lift and shift the valley to this day creating a very active, vibrant big Dragon.

Ojai’s 4 Divine Celestial Animals: Each of the four Divine Animal mountains corresponds to a constellation in ancient Chinese skies. When these constellations are mirrored by mountains below, Heaven is brought to Earth. The 4 Divine Animal Mountains are named the Tortoise, the Phoenix, the Tiger and the Dragon.

North – the Black Tortoise: Black Tortoise provides “guardian spirit” protection for the community. Ojai’s Black Tortoise locates north behind the city; Nordhoff Ridge and its splendid +5,000 feet is an ideal Black Tortoise guardian spirit. This powerful Qi is indicated by crisscrossed mountain ridges and a “sinking pulse and descending aspect”. The code suggests northern mountains that descend gradually to ground level as opposed to an abrupt descent revealing unstable soil, a most undesirable quality for a Guardian Spirit.

Black Tortoise Mountains

Black Tortoise Mountains

South – the Red Bird Phoenix: Red Bird Phoenix generates future luck. Sulphur Mountain is a wonderful example of a gentle and joyous red bird mountain in action. This powerful Qi is indicated by bright, open, gently undulating southern mountains with “wings arched, head bowed, in joyful dance like sentiments”. The code indicates southern mountains with a rounded center peak and 2 extending peaks gracefully curving away on each side.

Red Bird Mountains

Google Compass-Sulphur Mountain-South Red Bird Phoenix

West – the White Tiger: White Tiger generates life force Qi for females. White Ledge Peak’s powerful Qi is indicated by bright, clean, earthy mountains reaching to the east. The land extension via Casitas Springs encloses and protects the valley’s Qi.

Not surprisingly this magnificent White Tiger deviates from the classic docile female archetype. The valley’s Tiger has her head held high and is alert though in repose. The potency of White Ledge is palpable the moment one hangs a left at Highway 150, heading into Meiners Oaks. Little to say the avant-garde gals of the valley are powerful, focused and a modern creative force.

White Tiger Mountains

White Tiger Mountains

East – the Azure Dragon: Considered to be the leader of the 4 Divine Celestial Animals, Azure Dragon generates life force Qi for males. The magnificent Topa Topas form this sacred Qi with imperial, gently curving mountains and lower terrain, martial in dignity yet unthreatening in shape. When first forming, the north / northwest trending Sierra Peloma range collided with the east / west trend of the Topa Topas. This caused a dramatic 90 degree change in direction from north trending plates to east. This geophysical percussion continues to this day, generating the “coiled” reservoir of deep-earth energy.

East Azure Dragon Mountains

Different Locals – Different Results: Depending on your buildings’ proximity to Ojai’s divine geological creatures, different parts of the valley will produce different Qi. For example, a Meiners Oaks building may be strongly influenced by White Ledge Peak’s White Tiger, while an east Ojai building may be strongly influenced by the Topa Topas’ Azure Dragon. A different layer of influence altogether would be a building sited within one of the divine geological features itself, such as the old Wheeler’s Hot Springs, tucked within the folds of big Dragon’s spine.

Rarified Air: Regardless of your valley locale, only about 6% of Ojai’s surrounding wildernesses reportedly have been explored. So the quality of the valley’s air, the conductor of Heavenly Qi, has a marked purity and transcendental quality rare to Southern California.

Ancient sandstone and shale landforms funnel Ojai’s rarified air from wild, pristine places, into the entire basin. Montgomery Street’s Black Turtle mountain back drop provides an excellent example of north trending folded faults guiding unsullied Qi directly into town. This direct line of energy would be harsh but for Ojai’s famous transverse strata redirecting it, literally sending it off sideways – west to east – where it forever follows a gentle, encircling path around and around the valley. This extraordinary flow of untouched Qi forever refreshes itself from the same wilderness it comes from, like an echo that never fades away.

The legendary magic of the Ojai valley is palpable. The territory is a wild blend of chaparral beauty and citrus groves, embraced by rare, extraordinary transcendental geological features. This mystical place, still forming to this day, is truly a rare Feng Shui jewel and a geometaphysical work of art in motion.

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