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What Is Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is an ancient environmental art form and currently emerging earth science. Now understood to be  an extensive collection of planetary and cosmological knowledge, true Feng Shui guides the transformation and transportation of Qi (vital energy). When properly applied it creates a continuous, harmonious exchange between environment, buildings and people.

How this classical metaphysical system of working with Earth’s magnetics began is still a bit of a mystery. It has been veiled in ancient poetry, songs and symbolism for almost 5,000 years.


Living Space Feng ShuiHistorically we are able to trace some Feng Shui roots. We know which techniques were in use and when, what masters survived to be recorded and who of the privileged few were allowed to use it. It was not unusual for a false system of “feng shui” to be given out or “leaked” to further benefit the sovereignty.

Feng Shui employs several scientific disciplines including advanced geometry, physics, astronomy and mathematics. It demonstrates extensive and precise knowledge of our solar system and the movement of the Earth and Moon. This profound system of “cosmological geography” continues to be unraveled and translated today.

Introduced to the Western world in the mid 20th century and considered a Far East curiosity, Feng Shui later enjoyed a popularity explosion in the 1990’s. It was quickly assumed a “new age fad” and largely misunderstood due to differences in cultural thought processes and barriers in language and historical texts.

Due to these inconsistencies the most primary theories were published and often assumed to be unabridged Feng Shui technology. As a result, authentic Feng Shui—the venerated art and science of using geometry of landscape, architecture and naturally generated Qi—evolved into trendy, mystical methods of interior design. Oftentimes folks are unaware if the Feng Shui method they are using is credible until it does little to nothing.


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Feng Shui Today

Today in our 21st century world of instant information and ease of long distance collaboration, Feng Shui is once again enjoying a striking and exciting renaissance. Practiced by every contemporary culture in the world, Feng Shui is now being afforded serious scientific study by honored scientists such as Dr. Wei Dong; Head of Design at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Dr. Michael Patton of Sydney University, Dr. Florian C Reiter of Humboldt University Berlin, Dr. Ole Bruun at the Institute for Society and Globalization in Denmark and Dr. Wang Yude; Head of Historical Research at Central China Normal University.

Esteemed facilities in the United States such as the Salk Institute and the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture in San Diego are also presently engaged in formal, multidisciplinary research into environmental and architectural impact on humans and their ability to thrive in social, private, professional and learning situations.

The verified sister school to body acupuncture, Feng Shui can be seen as “Environmental Acupuncture”.


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