The Tangible Spirit of Ojai Valley

~ The Tangible Spirit of Ojai Valley ~



There is a belief that the Ojai valley is sacred land, cherished by powerful, unseen forces. No one really seems to know where this conviction stems from. Commonly (though erroneously) attributed to the Chumash people, this popular notion honors potent, compelling forces that protect the basin floor from fiery devastation.


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The shapes that make up the area’s terrain are key to its unusual energy. A powerhouse of geomagnetic and cosmological Qi, the mountain range encompassing the valley is an extremely rare landform classified as “geometaphysical” in nature; mountains shaped and situated in such a way as to generate vital life force energy (Qi). These same mountain shapes are recorded in the pages of ancient land-form books, poems and songs from venerable Feng Shui tomes; writings that detail otherworldly elevations generating and releasing immense, sublime energies into the local communities. These intense forces are initiated in the valley by tectonic stress, above and below ground water, temperature, mineral & quartz content, orientation, shape, physical relation of the mountains to each other and the extraordinary Qi generated by and exchanged between them.


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Since the area began recording fires there have been many. To date only two fires, both in 1917, have significantly scorched the valley floor. Even when terrifying conflagration has ringed the valley and the smallest of embers could easily ignite the basin’s local flat land communities, the valley floor has thus far been spared. How the fires ignited vary; campers or arsonists, butane or stove explosions, target shooters, rear blade of a back hoe, hay and home fires – even the dubious karma of smoking out the hives of wild bees. Johnny Cash inadvertently sparked a blaze burning 508 acres of the Los Padres National Park. And hot, fast winds were almost always present, whipping the fires wild, taking land, homes, flora, fauna and lives. But though fires have torn at the valley and surrounding wilderness it has yet to destroy them beyond life. They burn violently and scorch black; revealing naked, hunched angular folds and forms, a stunned silence from the land. Yet springtime 2018 shouted ‘I live!’ with the return of strength, birds, insects, velvety carpets of chartreuse mountain flowers and baby oak sprouting from pitch and charcoal mother trees. The extraordinary geometaphysical landforms that helped shoulder the Thomas Fire and countless others are now witness and host to the rebirth of the valley and its’ extraordinary people.

Big Dragon is the largest of the valley’s geometaphysical landforms. Wrapped all around the valley Big Dragon generates long term Qi and influence on its’ people. Depending on where one lives in proximity to “geological creatures,” one will experience varying influences; such as a building sited within one of the divine geological features itself, like the old Wheeler’s Hot Springs, tucked within the fiery folds of Big Dragon’s backbones.

The tip of Big Dragon’s tail appears at Point Conception in Santa Barbara County. Chumash know the Point as “Humqaq” – the place where souls may pass between the mortal world and a heavenly paradise.

Emerging from the Point, Big Dragon undulates along California’s coastal transverse mountain range; her spine curving easterly, then gently wrapping around the valley. She then makes a U-turn westerly, stretching back towards the Ventura headlands where she lays her face to earth. The area’s restless geophysical forces continue to shift, creating a very powerful Big Dragon.


Google Compass image of Ojai, California region


The valley’s remaining four “enchanted” mountains generate immediate Qi for the communities. They are the Black Tortoise, Red Bird, White Tiger and Green Dragon. Each of these mountains has its own special qualities released to the valley. When mountains are located and shaped such as these, mirroring ancient constellations of the night skies, it is written “Heaven is brought to Earth”. During the Thomas Fire each of these mountains and the lands behind them scorched black.


Black Tortoise Mountains


North of the valley is the Black Tortoise boosting a protective Qi to the communities; a guardian spirit directly behind Ojai. Nordhoff Ridge is an ideal Black Tortoise Guardian Spirit… (pics of Dark Tortoise hills in Ojai)


Google Compass-Sulphur Mountain-South Red Bird Phoenix


Red Bird Mountains


South of the valley is the Red Bird, rising like a Phoenix from the embers, generating Qi for future opportunities. Sulphur Mountain is an amazing example of a gentle and joyous Red Bird in action, “wings arched and head bowed, in joyful dance like sentiments”.


White Tiger Mountains


West of the valley is the White Tiger, providing Qi for females. Not surprisingly this magnificent White Tiger deviates from the classical “docile” female archetype, indicated by a “head bowed”. The valley’s White Tiger has her head held high as White Peak Ledge; she is alert and in repose.


East Azure Dragon Mountains


East of the valley is the Green Dragon, providing Qi for males. The breathtaking Topa Topas create bountiful male energy; “coiling” the considerable geophysical pressure of the Topa Topas to generate deep-earth Qi.

The extraordinary qualities of the Ojai Valley are reflected in the land, her people and a tangible spirit of rebirth. All the forces that make her so are palpable; revered, sung and spoken of since time immemorial. A rare geometaphysical work of art wrapped all around the basin, anyone who has been here has felt the enchantment, breathing the breath of “Aw-hey”** and the magnificence of this valley. **Chumash “the moon”.



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